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Privacy Recommendations:

1. When registering on the site you need to specify your e-mail, name and phone number. The e-mail must be valid, it gives you a password to access the personal account, but you can register a separate e-mail address exclusively for work on our site.
You can also buy a separate phone number exclusively for work on our website. Use messengers to negotiate. The best and safest option is Telegram, you can only specify a Telegram username, and this will be enough for us to be able to contact you if necessary. In telegrams, you can easily add multiple accounts in one application, as you can easily find in the Google search engine.

2. When registering, you can simply enter any nickname instead of a first name, you are not required to specify a real name or even a last name.

3. For confidential online transactions (if necessary), use special cards whose initials do not match yours, in addition, it is desirable that the card is not monitored by financial monitoring. You can order such a card from us by writing to the support service.

4. All data we receive from you are encrypted with a special code, which eliminates the possibility under any circumstances of their falling into third hands.

5. Any other questions regarding your privacy or security will be kindly resolved by our support team, so email us in any convenient chat on the site and we will be happy to help you.
The principles of the site:

1. The site commission is calculated individually for each case, in order to find out the cost of our services, you need to register and create a deal on the site only after its verification, the exact cost of our services will be established. Estimated cost of services ranges from 2.5% to 13% of the transaction amount.

2. The site commission may be divided between both parties to the transaction, by common agreement.

3. When using the safe transaction service, you can specify a trustee who will have access to your personal account and will be entitled to take any actions in relation to the transaction.
Our company cooperates with six top-end payment systems, which allows us to choose the best solution to solve any translation issue.

4. A secure transaction allows you to reliably and without loss to carry out any transaction for the purchase / sale of any product or service. Since until the full compliance with the terms of the agreement, funds are frozen on the site, and can only be withdrawn after the general consent of both parties. This system works on the principle of a bank cell, only instead of keys you will have a special cipher. At any time in case of failure to fulfill the conditions of any of the parties, you will be able to terminate the agreement ahead of schedule by providing relevant evidence.

5. The function of transferring cash (instant, anonymous) is implemented using the points (banks) where you come with cash, transfer, receive a code, and using this code, after 5 minutes the other side, wherever it is, receives cash without problems and unnecessary expectations. IMPORTANT! These operations are not registered with banks. But you can only perform such an operation after creating a transaction on our website and verifying it.